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Are you ready to move your head out of the clouds and your information infrastructure into the Cloud?
Interested in a more cost-effective, simplified data hosting and backup solution?

Whether it’s cloud apps, file storage or backup, the Cloud offers a cost-effective, ever-improving solution to data hosting.

Designed to offer an affordable, reliable, quick and fairly simple way for businesses to host and protect critical systems and information with minimal effort and maintenance, “The Cloud” refers to host servers that are accessed over the Internet, along with the software and databases that run on those servers. By using cloud computing, your business won’t have to manage physical servers or run software applications on your own machines.

The Cloud also means you will have immediate access to your business files, applications, and data from almost any device, anywhere.

With all this in mind, it is clear that the Cloud offers a level of accessibility, flexibility, and scalability you’d be hard-pressed to match with any kind of traditional data hosting solution. That said, for the Cloud to work effectively, securely, and reliably for you, it needs to be set up, managed and maintained properly.

What Can Psilobyte Do for You?

There are many advantages and disadvantages to moving your infrastructure to the Cloud, but at Psilobyte we know them all. We know the pitfalls to look out for; the best practices for efficient, secure migration to, and maintenance on the Cloud; and we can provide you with the very best Cloud solutions and recommendations based on your particular setup, as well as your current and future business needs.

In addition, our team runs one of the most secure, efficient, robust and reliable off-site backup services on the market, no matter what challenges your infrastructure might hold.

Do you have big files and databases that change every day?

  • Are you tired of high upload requirements increasing your backup window?
  • With our “incremental forever” and “changed block tracking” backup solutions, only minimal data is uploaded every day, without ever compromising on requisite backups or crucial information uploads, or putting your business at risk of losing data.
  • All data is also secured with AES-256 encryption, so that only authorized personnel have access.

What’s more, while many Cloud servers are located in data centres scattered all over the globe, all our servers are hosted right here in Canada. This means that your data is secured and backed up close to home, and allows for real-time access to support and troubleshooting when required.

  • Cloud providers we regularly deal with include, but are not limited to:
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon EWS
  • Google Cloud
  • Local data centres and Cloud providers.
  • No matter what your storage requirements or business setup, we can help you with a Cloud solution to suit your needs and your budget.

    Trust Psilobyte to keep your data, apps and info securely stored in the Cloud,
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