Whether it’s cloud apps, file storage or backup, we got you covered!

There are many advantages and disadvantages to moving your infrastructure to the cloud, but rest assured we can provide recommendations based on your setup and future business needs.

We run one of the most secure and efficient off-site backup services on the market, all hosted in Canada! Have big files and databases that change every day and tired of high upload requirements increasing your backup window? No problem! with our “incremental forever” and “changed block tracking” backup solutions, rest assured that only minimal data will be uploaded every day. All data is also secured with AES-256 encryption, so that only authorized personnel has access to it.

Need to host your apps and/or data on the cloud, do it securely, and maybe within Canada? Give us a call.

Cloud Providers we deal with:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon EWS
  • Google Cloud
  • Local data centres and cloud providers.