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Custom support solutions for all your
specialized software and hardware

Does your business require you to run specialized software and hardware that not many providers can help you maintain? Do providers struggle to help you find solutions to software and hardware issues when necessary? Are you struggling to find systems support for Linux / UNIX? Electronic Medical Records software? Imaging software and hardware?

Specialized systems shouldn’t mean you need to forego effective, timely, professional expertise and support. With the correct support team, your specialty software and hardware will run as smoothly as the most basic, out-the-box systems – only better.

What Can Psilobyte Do for You?

At Psilobyte, our team of IT experts relish the challenge provided by specialty software
and hardware, and the creation of custom solutions!

  • Specialized systems: We specialize in many software and hardware solutions across a number of different industries, each with their own unique systems and accompanying demands.
  • For example, many of our clients are in the medical industry, an arena that comes with not only highly specialized hardware and software, but any number of rules and regulations. Knowing this, our team has thoroughly familiarized all necessary regulations and developed customized solutions that are both
  • Compliant and offer accessible support for daily operations.
  • Custom specialty solutions: In addition to extensive knowledge of already existing specialty systems across multiple distinctive industries, unlike many other IT support firms, our technicians are excited to be given the opportunity to support your software and hardware systems with custom-designed solutions.

Trust Psilobyte to upgrade, and upkeep, your office computer systems to the very latest in reliable technology.

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