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Managed Offsite Backup and Disaster Recovery Services
to keep your Mission Critical Data safe!

Every business should have offsite backup no matter how secure your network is or how fast you can recover with your on-site backup system. Keeping your data safely protected offsite is not only a smart decision, but also an important requirement for many environments.

In a previous work life, Psilobyte’s founder, Boris Polujin, worked with Data Recovery cases on a daily basis. Boris has plenty of stories to tell, including some businesses (and people) devastated after they had gotten the bad news that their storage media was too damaged to be recovered (even after a second opinion).

There was one thing in common with all Data Recovery clients, however: following the initial disaster, 100% of Data Recovery clients purchased an Offsite Data Backup Storage and Disaster Recovery plan.

Don’t become a Data Recovery client! Keep your data safe.

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How Data Can Be Lost

Modern storage systems are complex and on-site backup systems can fail even during restore operations. Psilobyte’s Edmonton offsite backup solutions can protect you in all circumstance. Here are some examples of how access to data can be lost:

  • Ransomware hacks.
  • Theft of on-site storage and backup systems.
  • Fire / Water damage.
  • Filesystem corruption.
  • Failure to restore from on-site disaster recovery systems.
  • Hard Drive failure.
  • RAID array failure ( including write holes ).
  • Human error.
  • Unmonitored backups systems.

There are many other ways that data can be lost that we have not even covered in the above examples. Keeping your mission-critical data safe should be the top priority for any business owner or manager.

What Our Edmonton Offsite Backup Services Can Do for You

Managed Disaster Recovery and Offsite Backup Solutions by Psilobyte

At Psilobyte, we specialize in server and storage solutions. We know how data gets lost and we know how to protect it with cloud solutions or recover it should you become a Data Recovery customer.

Implementing reliable Offsite Data Backup Storage and Disaster Recovery systems is what we do best. All our systems use the most reliable backup software and checksum-enabled filesystems, and all managed systems are monitored for errors on a daily basis.

Here are some features of our Disaster Recovery systems and Managed Offsite Backup services:

  • Daily offsite data backup task monitoring by Psilobyte staff.
  • Some systems can recover from disaster in as little as 15 minutes!
  • Scheduled Disaster Recovery / Backup Restore tests.
  • AES-256 data encryption during transfer and data at rest.
  • Option for customers to safeguard their own encryption keys.
  • Canadian Tier-4 Datacentres are standard for offsite backup clients.
  • Incremental Forever schemes available.
  • Incremental in-file deltas available, for lowest backup windows.
  • 24/7 Emergency Support available.
  • Competitive Rates.

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There is at least one data loss case in Edmonton every day.
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