Top-Rated Managed IT Services in Edmonton

Top-rated, expert, custom-built
Managed IT Services in Edmonton

Managed IT Services is the new standard in today’s IT world. Savvy clients are no longer content to take a reactive approach to their IT issues, calling in the professionals only when things go wrong. Just waiting for your equipment to fail; holding your breath until the next network outage; losing sleep over your server going down; hoping that your systems are secure against hackers and your data safe from loss… This approach is both stressful and completely unnecessary.

By taking a proactive approach and engaging professional, expert managed IT services, you can take control of your technology, your data, and your business.


At Psilobyte we are on a mission to disrupt the IT services industry in Alberta. How so? By ditching the outdated, desultory cookie-cutter approach to IT; by embracing IT solutions that are custom tailored to your organization’s specific needs; and by offering innovative solutions to any and all problems.

Where many IT providers (up to 90%) continue to use a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter approach to IT, because this is what delivers the most profit and the fewest headaches for the IT firm in question, we don’t believe it offers our clients anywhere near the best solution to their unique IT needs.

An example of what our managed IT services might cover includes, but is not limited to:
➢ Custom built, flat fee, Managed IT Support and Service plans, with minimal commitment.
➢ Managed Offsite Backup: Monitoring of your backup jobs every day, to make sure that your data is indeed being backed up and can be restored during a disaster. We only use solutions that can perform data integrity checks, and all our backup data is encrypted, and located in a Tier 4 Data Centre in Canada. Our Managed IT Support and Service plans also include regular disaster recovery reviews and restore tests.
➢ Managed Disaster Recovery: We can get you up and running again in about 15 minutes after you suffer from a software, hacking or data related failure. (For reference, other systems out there have been known to regularly take half a day or more.)
➢ Managed Cloud Infrastructure: We integrate different technologies and develop a solution that works for your needs, and performs as advertised.
➢ Managed Security: We take care of all security aspects for your IT infrastructure.
➢ Managed Remote Access: Sleep well, knowing that two-factor authenticated access is the only way to log in to your mission critical infrastructure when off-site.
➢ Managed Internet and Phone Systems: We partner with business class internet providers that offer bigger value, more reliability, and better service, for a fraction of the cost of big Telcos.
➢ Managed Email, Website Hosting and Maintenance: A hacked website can damage your brand; with regular maintenance and top-notch security and ongoing checks we keep your systems secure.
➢ Managed FAX: We offer a server faxing solution that complies with medical regulations and can save you hundreds of dollars a month on printing, scanning time and material costs.
➢ Managed Software Solutions: We have partnered with all the biggest industry leaders to offer you software that can be rented on a monthly basis.
➢ And much more…

For a more detailed overview of what our Managed IT Services can do for you and your business, read our blog post: Managed IT Services for the Modern Era.

After meeting with you, reviewing your current IT infrastructure and systems, and gauging any future IT requirements, we will work with you to find a Managed IT Service solution that suits your business and your budget.

Trust Psilobyte to manage, and add value to, your IT systems with
our budget-friendly, proactive, custom-built approach.

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What our customers say about our Managed IT Services:

Brent Huculak
Brent Huculak
14:14 04 Aug 20
Psilobyte Consulting Corp. is a business you can trust. I highly recommend using this company. Always quick to respond, great price, know their product's, and how to deal with any issue's you may have. They will go above and beyond to help you find a resolution of your needs.
Mark and Heather Cabral
Mark and Heather Cabral
17:41 31 Jul 20
I have been working with the owner of Psilobye for 10 years - I have experienced exceptional service and IT support over all the years. I trust his advice and direction as he has created our secure business network. He is reliable and honest. If you or your business is ever looking for a company to help with all your IT needs I would highly recommend his company. 🙂
doreen Tennant
doreen Tennant
05:47 27 May 20
Services received from Psilobyte are outstanding. They are very responsive to our needs, extremely knowledgeable , accommodating and super friendly and always present with the utmost professionalism! I know we can count on them each and every time!!!!!
Mahta Rasouli
Mahta Rasouli
20:55 01 May 20
Both myself and our team at our clinic are extremely happy with the expertise, professionalism, and fast response time that is provided by the Psilobyte group. We have been working with the owner for over three years, and consider ourselves lucky to have been able to find this business to take care of our IT solutions. I highly recommend this business to everyone.